St. James Presbyterian Church

Fellowship Groups

Mari-Timers is a fellowship group for married couples and singles, meeting monthly on the second Saturday. The activities include faith-based meetings as well as service oriented projects, local tour opportunities, and family outings. Meetings are held at the church as well as other locations. Fundraisers support various St. James programs, outreach and local charities. The SeaBreeze, a monthly newsletter, keeps members informed of coming events and the happenings of the group.

The Second Wind invites all who are looking for a second wind and want to add some enjoyment and fellowship to their lives in what might be an otherwise uneventful day. On the first Wednesday of each month we show a fun/interesting/thought provoking movie and on the third Wednesday we join together for some wild and crazy card games. Join us at 9:30 AM in the church lounge. There is always a good cup of coffee waiting in the wings and lots of good conversation. No reservation necessary-- just come and enjoy.

Men's Breakfast meets monthly on the third Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM for a time of fellowship and all of those fattening breakfast dishes your wife won't let you eat the rest of the month. It is open to all men of the St. James family.