St. James Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement

Following are excerpts from the St. James Mission Study conducted in January, 2005:

Our Mission Statement
St. James Presbyterian Church of Tarzana invites all people to join us in spreading the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ by:

  • Celebrating God's presence
  • Educating God's people
  • Communicating God's love
  • Demonstrating God's care
Our church is filled with God's grace helping us to minister in His name to those in need and helping us become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our beliefs are summarized in the following Statement of Faith:

  • We believe we are a people of God who seek diversity and support equality within our church body and the surrounding community.
  • We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired word of God embodied by Jesus Christ, who died for remission of our sins.
  • We believe we are reborn through Jesus Christ and called as servants to proclaim the good news of God's grace.

Our People

Our greatest strength is our congregation. Our congregation is considered to be very friendly, loving, dedicated, generous, flexible and caring. The congregation involves itself, both personally and financially, in a multitude of programs that reach a large number of diverse people, providing the recipients with physical necessities such as food, clothing, housing, companionship, as well as the spiritual message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our church is also committed to a meaningful contribution to the general mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Our Statement of Mission

Our church exists to participate in and share the Good News of Christ's love and redemption with each other and with the community. Therefore, we will:

  • Strengthen programs that minister to the needs of children, youth, adults and seniors.
  • Develop family programs for parents and young children.
  • Establish evening programs for working women/moms.
  • Offer contemporary service with a variety of worship activities.
  • Identify specific needs of our community that our church will be able to serve.
  • Develop educational programs aimed at prospective and current members to promote knowledge of the Bible, prayer and Presbyterian beliefs.
  • Improve, expand and maintain our church facilities. Our church is a place of prayer and we hold God in awe; therefore, we are going to maintain it.